Port location – distances

Eydehavn terminal location: 58.29,806 N -08.52,749 E
4 n.miles east of Arendal city centre in Tromøysund.
2,5 n.miles from open sea at eastern approches.

Arendal and Eydehavn is the closest point (and commercial port) in Norway to Europe’s mainland. (North of Denmark)

Selected distances:

Offshore fields:
Ekofisk           210 nm
Siri                 176 nm
Ula                210 nm
Syd Arne       215 nm
Sleipner        240 nm
Jotun/Balder 248 nm
Gorm            236 nm

Major cities and ports
Gothenburg    117 nm
Oslo                100 nm
Fredrikshavn 85 nm
Copenhagen   200 nm
Immingham    490 nm
Bremerhaven  318 nm
Hamburg        350 nm
Rotterdam      425 nm
Amsterdam     406 nm

Selected distances: Locally
Supermarked, post, bank, local doctor:  300 m
City centre, hospital, trainstation, busstop 100 m
Airport  78 kilometres