Now it's not long until Arendal is filled with magnificent sailing ships on the occasion of Tall Ships Races 2023, and the final stage of preparations is underway for both the harbor, organizers, and volunteers.

Arendal, a gem along the southern coast of Norway, is proudly preparing to be the host port for Tall Ships Races 2023. This historic event, which attracts thousands of visitors and participating crews from around the world, marks a significant moment for the city. It is the first time Arendal has the pleasure of hosting the Tall Ships Races, providing us with a unique opportunity to showcase our rich maritime heritage. Additionally, Arendal is celebrating its 300th anniversary with pride, and we are delighted to invite the sailing ships to become part of our historic jubilee.

Tall Ships Races has a proud history in Norway, and during Tall Ships Races 2019, the sailing ships visited both Bergen and Fredrikstad, where they were met with enthusiastic audiences and warm welcomes. In 2023, Norway once again has the pleasure of hosting the event in two cities, Arendal and Fredrikstad, and we are proud to be among the selected cities to be part of this international sailing adventure.

Illustration of the destinations for Tall Ships Races 2023. It starts in Den Helder, Netherlands, then continues to Hartlepool, UK, followed by Fredrikstad, Norway, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, and finally Arendal, Norway. - Click for large image

The preparations for Tall Ships Races 2023 in Arendal have been extensive and carefully planned. To accommodate the many sailing ships that will fill the harbor, we have installed new floating docks with moorings and mooring buoys at Rådhuskaia, with a strong emphasis on secure mooring as a central part of the preparations. Rigging and preparation of power supply have also been prioritized, and a comprehensive mooring plan has been developed to ensure a smooth and safe experience for all participating vessels.

We have taken the initiative to contact several reputable companies specializing in sail and engine repairs, as well as fuel supplies, to prepare them to assist the ships during the event. This effort will ensure that the vessels receive the necessary assistance and care they require during their stay in Arendal.

Leading up to the event, we have established duty rosters and staffing plans for volunteers and employees. With a dedicated team of approximately 25 individuals, we will ensure smooth mooring and proper allocation of spaces, providing the sailing ships and their crews with the best experience during their stay in Arendal.

Tall Ships Races 2023 in Arendal will commence on August 3rd and conclude on August 6th, with its exciting start in Den Helder, Netherlands, on June 29th. This global event offers young sailors an exceptional opportunity to learn about sailing, navigation, and collaboration on board the majestic sailing vessels.

As the host port, we take pride in being part of Tall Ships Races 2023, and we look forward to welcoming ships and crews to our beautiful shores. Arendal is excited to share our rich maritime heritage and celebrate our 300th anniversary alongside the adventurous sailing experience that awaits.

So get ready to be captivated by majestic sails, feel the sea breeze, and become a part of this unique sailing adventure as Tall Ships Races 2023 docks in our beautiful harbor town.